"The Yearling" continued

Festus darted in and pushed him through, then stopped just before crossing into the cow pasture. The yearling stopped and turned around at Festus as if to say, "what was that for?" He never got the answer, Festus had already blistered back across the pasture after pausing long enough to make sure the yearling was going to stay where he belonged. How did he know what Robin had said? I swear he speaks English when I'm not paying attention!!

​ ​ ​ ​ Case #8 "One up on Momma"
After ​doing chores I stopped at a friend's on the way home. I have Americahana hens and collected  eggs at chore time. I carefully placed them on my folded insulated shirt on the passenger side floor of my car (Festus watched me do this). I tied Festus to a tree on the lawn. She had run down to the store, said 15 minutes tops and asked if I wanted to go. I put Festus in the car (parked in the shade with the windows partially down) due to her boarding stable so he wouldn't bother anyone who might show up. We were gone only about 15 minutes and I went directly over to the car. and tied him back to the tree. Laurie and I had a bite to eat and then went to the barn to groom her team of Belgians. As the evening on the air became cooler, so I went to my car to fetch my shirt. When I opened the door to my surprise there were only 4 eggs on my shirt. I checked under the seat and both of my Mud Dog boots. Nothing. I went around to the driver's side and did the same, under the seat and between them. Still nothing. As I went back to the passenger side, I noticed Festus, quietly laying a few feet away watching me. My saddle was in the back seat horn down behind my drivers' seat. I opened the back door and searched the floor on both sides. Still nothing. As I stood up, totally puzzled as to where the egg had gone, I noticed an odd shape next to the horn of my saddle. There, tucked carefully as far as possible was the missing egg! He had picked it up, jumped in the back seat and hid it behind my saddle!! By the way, not even a crack!! "There, leave me behind again!!" (ED note: Zeke must have taught him that!!!)

Case #9 "I'm Feeling Sheepish!
by Rocky's Mandy

Let me tell you about my recent adventure. First, I need to describe my play area so you can appreciate the situation I got myself into.

My parents had built two pastures originally for the horses and they put a water trough through the fence so that the horses can share water during the winter from both sides. As they were planning to get sheep, more fence work needed to be done. They put in a gate between the pastures so that the sheep and horses could be easily moved between them.

Well, this one hot day I was in one pasture playing with my mom, Ruby, and Dillon, my future "boyfriend" (when he gets older). After running around and getting very hot, I went to the trough for a drink/dip but I fell in head first! After getting out, I found myself on the other side of the fence surrounded by 10 sheep who were staring very intently at me. "How do I get out of here?" I was thinking. I can't get back through the gate so what does a girl do? I'm running back and forth along the fence. Ruby and Dillon are watching but they can't help. I can't see my parents as they're in the house. But look! Here comes dad running down the road to help. Oh no! He's checking out the sheep first to make sure I didn't hurt them. Thanks for the trust dad-you know I wouldn't. I'm very calm around the sheep and ducks too.

Finally after making sure the sheep were okay, dad opened up the gate to let me rejoin Ruby and Dillon on the other side. Boy I won't do that again and to make sure I don't, Dad gave me a kiddie pool to play in!!!


My girl Pepper holding sheep
Ruby with one of her cat friends!
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We do not believe in or condone the docking  of tails. They assist the dog with decisive, rapid turns and are over 50% of a dog's language. The dog can  no longer express joy and happiness effectively. Tails are beautiful!