Cattle Dog Ranch & Equine Facility Testimonials
​Mindy is very smart and herds the cows naturally. Follows voice commands remarkably! Thanks for the great dog. She loves farm life and is getting used to the cows, pigs and chickens. Maggie-ME'09

I cannot believe how gentle and loving this dog is. He absolutely loves my son. He can crawl all over him and he'll just lay there giving him kisses. This dog is the best thing I've done for my son so far. A lot of the time Dozer is the only one that can make him stop crying when he gets upset. I don't think "best friends" is good enough for the bond that these two have. It's amazing to see. I am thankful to have him. Sarah - MA -'14

Molly is great with the cat, chickens, geese and cattle. Can't ask for better. Took 3 days to house train her. Very,very good dog. Is very smart and listens well. Should have gotten a dog like her 10 years ago. She works good around the cattle and loves working the cows. One of the cows kicked her and she went flying but got back up and went right back after that cow bringing her back to the pen. Rick-ME '06

Owners Steve & Anita are so caring and nice. This beautiful ranch/farm is impeccably immaculate. All the animals are healthy, friendly and strong. The cattle dogs are all so gorgeous. I recommend this place and the animals to anyone!! SBP - MA '14

Darby is extremely sharp & picks up on things very quickly. What a fantastic dog. Doing fabulous, smart as I have ever seen. We have hiked over 60 miles in the last 2 months. He put on a show with the Frisbee as well as a game of keep away. Incredibly intelligent, loves to work commands on the trail or in the house. Mike-MA '09

Steve & Anita are awesome! I thank you for all the help, knowledge and of course for our new puppy, Traveller. MF-ME '16

I love her! I have never had a bond with a better dog! I've always wanted a "one owner" dog and I got her. She minds very well and I couldn't be happier! Thanks for the wonderful dog! Morgan, Mark and Jersey-ME '10

Bear is quite a bundle of cuteness and energy. His favorite thing is to play "snowballs" & he could chase them for hours. Best dog I've ever had Deb-ME '10

I wound up with the GREATEST PUP ON EARTH. The ladies love him too. My vet said: "These breeders must really know what they are doing.". He is smart as a whip. JM - MA '14

He's shaping up into a top-notch stock dog with a phenomenal herding instinct. He separated our bull from the rest of the cows and herded him to the trailer. Then he kept the rest of the cattle away with minimal input from me. He listens and takes commands like a pro, and does not get fixated on any one animal. Besides the cows, he's very good with the other animals also. He observes, makes a move, then pulls back to observe again before making another move. I'm really impressed with the little guy and I'd say we hit the jackpot with Reggie.  He loves farm life    and our vet says that he is the most well behaved cattle dog she has ever seen!  A&B - VT '14

Roxie is great! She's already seen the chickens, cows and calves. She spends the whole day in the barn off lead with me hanging out by the cows. We love her! Amy-NH '11

Cruiser already does sit & down on command. Super smart and loves going to the barn. Helped me move calves and walked behind them good. Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful forever friend in Cruiser. He amazes us everyday. Wish Tim would let me have another!! Cruiser is the most amazing dog. More like the child I never had. Thank you so much for the most amazing dog. Amber - VT -12

Early last winter I contacted Steve saying I was interested in a puppy. I didn't expect to hear back, but come spring Steve contacted me saying he was going to be breeding Mandy & Ano Jr. He invited me to come meet the dogs and take a look at the farm. He answered any ad all questions I had being a first time heeler owner. Early June I went up to the ranch and met all the dogs, including Ano and Mandy. I met Anita, the horses and sheep and got to see how everything worked. I went up in July to pick out my puppy, and brought my boyfriend along. Steve and Anita were just as friendly and courteous and amazingly helpful with questions we had. A beautiful female made it known she wanted to come home with us. I have never dealt with such helpful, friendly and accepting people with such knowledge. These breeders are extremely responsible as there was a puppy there whom needed surgery and they paid for the surgery and kept the pup until he was healthy enough to go to his new home. Extremely grateful I found Steve and Anita. Thank you, thank you, thank you! LB - NH '16

Went to visit, Steve and Anita treated us like family, was shown around the property, introduced to the dogs, they didn't mind all our questions and let us stay as long as we liked! Amazing couple, amazing dogs! MYD- ME '16

I love this pup! Grizzly is a genius pup and I'm sooo proud of him!  I researched for weeks the perfect breeder and I couldn't be happier with my choice. I keep in touch with Steve frequently via Facebook and he is a great person and very caring with the pups. Thank You Steve and Anita! Caitlyn-MA '13

Zeke is navigating steps very well and does well with harness leash. He's such a smart little boy. Eva-ME '13

Baron (Rocket Man) is the love of my life. He is so smart. He already will sit, lay down, roll over on request. He runs around outside like a Rocket. He always keeps in sight; just like my other ACD's. He was potty trained in3 days, he rings the bells that hang on the door knob to tell me he needs to go out. While I am at work he uses his Potty Patch that is in the bathroom. Needless to say I am delighted! Sharon-ME '13

Saka is a fantastic dog. Thanks so much. We couldn't be more pleased.  Andrew-MA '13

I love my little Joey-he's so smart! He already knows sit, down, paw, and roll over. He also comes when called. He's wonderful & always by my side - Kyra-ME '13

Taz is bringing much joy to the "baseball team". He is a terrific little guy. Thanks for all your love and care! He's very sweet. You show a strong commitment to your dogs and customers. Julie - NH '13

She's the best dog I've ever had and Jillian is excited to throw her a birthday party with all her doggie buds. Stay tuned for those pics! Rich - MA '12

I want to thank you for the great dog you provided me. I'm having so much fun with him, and don't know how I was living without him. He's so smart, friendly and learns fast. His potty training is going well, and he already knows plenty of tricks. So far he knows sit, lay down, paw, stay and wait. The kids love making him perform and he loves to do so, since he gets all those treats! Emma - NH '13

She's the best dog ever! I'm trying to convince Scott to get another. Audra- MA '13

Chili knows the command "let's go and hup" and comes running when I say it! Carroll - Nova Scotia '16

It was a pleasure buying Angus from you. It's obvious that both of you are sincerely passionate about cattle dogs. Thanks again. RA - MA '14

Quigley is simply amazing! Is so smart with an awesome disposition. Loves everyone and everything he meets! CW- ME '14

Cora is amazing and a great addition to our family. She is easy to train, very well behaved. She's willing to please and loves farm chores! CB- ME '14

What can I say. Steve and Anita are the best. I've bought 2 pups from them and would recommend them to anyone looking for one of these superb animals. Awesome! FZ - RI 

He's a great dog and getting better! Super smart and I couldn't even imagine a better boy. Jeff - VT '13

Rodney is very smart, sometimes too smart. He has become the construction site mascot and a good farm watch dog! He's become quite the character. He tried to herd the pigs but eventually learned that pigs don't go for herding. I love this breed and have never seen a dog that is as entertaining or loyal! Trevor - NH '14

Salty is one of the best dogs I have ever had and I'm mentso happy we got him from you. Your dogs have a great bloodline with great character and temperament. Jim - ME ' 16

Steve & Anita are very caring owners. The ranch was beautiful! They are very happy great dogs. They go above and beyond as owners! CM- ME'16

Grizzly comes when called, wait, sit, hi-five, drop and take it. Loves car rides. Thank you for our wonderful pup! Emily- NH '15

Our drive may have been 12 hours total but Ace has stolen my heart! Steve and Anita are awesome people! They care and know so much about the breed. Their facility was immaculate. The pups were perfectly taken care of with sincerity. The list goes on but I have nothing but respect and gratitude for having such a blessing experience. KV - VT '16

Ruger is seriously so smart and terrific about listening. JS - VT '17

Token is so smart and sweet! Thank you so much Steve and Anita! We love him so much and he's very happy. SB - NH '17

I was impressed by Zivah's quickness and intelligence @ 10 weeks old and started clicker trainer her. She is one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever encountered. I really like this dog. Unlike many cattledogs, she is not overly vocal, very social and seems centered and stable even in new and unfamiliar environments. She really is extraordinary. NH- VT '18

So many compliments on Hattie as her frame being the "old school" heelers showing the Dingo physique. The body style that could push cattle all day long, every day, across the Australian environment. She is everything I wanted in an ACD. Thank you Steve and Anita. JW -NH '19 
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