Cattle Dog Ranch & Equine Facility Services
At Cattle Dog Ranch & Equine Facility, we take care to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We do answer all questions prior to and after purchasing one of our pups. Also we provide the same service even if you choose to purchase a pup from another breeder. Our goal is to provide as much support and information as possible for this wonderful breed.

For those not familiar with this breed and wish to purchase an Australian Cattle Dog, you need to do your own research on this breed. THEY ARE NOT for everyone.  They are extremely intelligent and their minds, as well as their bodies, need to be kept busy! Also, no dog, especially a cattle dog should be chained. This can create serious behaviorial issues!

Questions you need to ask yourself: how will you use the dog? Not only do they excel in herding, agility, biking (using the Springer is best means), and hiking are other means to exercise your dog. They need a job to do!

Do you have other dogs?

Do you have children? 

How much land do you have?

How long will the dog be alone? A bored cattle dog can be destructive!
How much time a day will the dog be exercised?

Have you had a puppy before?

Rocky & Marcie's 1st litter -  the litter that started everything!!! Rocky's Ano is the only blue pup.
Rocky's Ano (father of Ano Jr.), Rocky and Marcie
Rocky's Ano Sr. playing with his puppies with Pepper (top right). It's very unusual for a male to play with his puppies. Sr. instilled this excellent temperament into his son, Ano Jr.
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Other Services
We can pasture board one horse from May through October if space available. Call for availability. Each paddock has a 3 sided shelter.

Reggie - son of Ano Jr. and Lucky