The following photos were taken by Matthew Muise Photography of Saka. She's a daughter of Pepper and Festus. These photos were taken at Plum Island Airport in Massachusetts.  He made the following comment:"This dog was stunning to look at and so full of personality."
Stormy and Zoey
Reggie - son of Ano Jr. & Lucky
Alaska - daughter of Ano Jr. & Lucky
Quigley  going for a horseback ride!
Cattledogs' Dillon relaxing
Cattledog's Misha and Ruby (mother & daughter) resting.
Rusty - son of Ruby and Ano Jr. (Misha's brother)
Blue and Dillon - true puppy love! You can see their daughter Sally on the "About Us" page.
Meeko - son of Mandy and Dillon
Scout - daughter of Misha and Dillon
Nova - Mandy and Dillon's daughter.
Bandit - son of Lucky and Ano Jr.
Doc Sherman - son of Mandy and Dillon
Riley  -son of Mandy & Ano Jr.