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The following Australian Cattle Dog puppy (male/female) was sold to:____________________________for the amount of_________. This includes Maine sales tax of 5.5%.  The pup has been vet checked, given first shots, and dewormed on________________. If the pup does not "work out", we request that he/she be returned to us rather than be placed in a shelter or given away to a "good home". We will then place the puppy appropriately. People returning a puppy for reasons other than health issues will not receive a refund. It is the buyer's responsibility to be sure they can provide a good home and take care of the puppy prior to purchase. We reserve the right to modify these statements if unforeseen, tragic circumstances have occurred which the buyer could not have anticipated. 

You will need to validate your guarantee and schedule an appointment with the veterinarian of your choice within 10 days of taking possession of your pup. If your veterinarian determines that there are any life-threatening, hereditary, congenital, or major health issues with your new puppy, a replacement puppy, if available, will be provided to you or a full refund will be returned provided that we are notified within 24 hours of the exam. The pup is to be returned to our location along with all paperwork AND with a signed document from TWO licensed veterinarians stating defect or illness. If you choose to keep the puppy, your rights as the purchaser are stated under Article 4155 in Chapter 745 sale of Dogs and Cats. This is the pink pamphlet we provided to you explaining all aspects of Maine laws. The sale of dogs and cats is subject to consumer protection regulations. Maine law also provides safeguards to protect sellers and animal purchasers. Attached as a copy of the Maine Revised  Statutes,  Title 7, chapter 745. Contained in this law is a statement of your consumer rights and remedies. Also attached is your pet's history and specific warranty information. {2007, c. 702, #34 (AMD).} 

Personal checks WILL NOT be accepted as final payment for your puppy.

Purchaser:_____________________________________ Seller:_________________________
Address:_______________________________________ Date:______________ License #: F1429
Phone Number:_________________________________ Email:_____________________________

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