I got my first dog in 1972, a German Shepherd/Samoyed cross and I had Zonker for almost 14 wonderful years. I learned a lot about dogs from him and to trust their instincts and sense of smell. In 1986 and recently married, my wife and I decided to obtain a beautiful black German Shepherd, Tobias Von Ragus(Pascha) with whom I obtained a CDX title as well as a Schutzhund title. In 1989 we obtained another GSD, Ilka Von Ragus who also received a title in Schutzhund. To join the pair of GSDs', we rescued a small terrier mix who would stand his ground to the shepherds. By 2000, they had all passed and in 2001, being dog-free for a year, my wife talked me into getting an Australian Cattle Dog, a breed I had never heard of. I have never regretted it since. They are the most wonderful dog you can have,  as they are very smart, loyal, and multipurpose trainable.

Rocky was our first ACD. By 5 months of age he was herding sheep and excelled at it. In 2004 we obtained Marcie, our little red female. After relocating to Maine later that year, we decided to breed them and in 2005 our first litter was born. Out of that litter we had one blue male, Rockys Ano, who was to be our future stud dog. Sadly, he passed away at 4 1/2 years due to lymphoma. He did father 2 litters from which we have two of his sons, Zeke and Ano Jr. In 2007 we received Pepper as a rescue and she turned out to be an extremely intelligent dog. She was a natural at herding and I trained her for competition. In 2011 we purchased another red female, Ruby, who I also train to herd our sheep.

Our family continued to grow as we kept another female from Ruby and Rockys first litter. Mandy, is a stunning red speckled girl with a half-mask. We also kept a nice male from Peppers last litter - Cattle Dogs Dillon. Then we took in Lucky, a gorgeous red speckled ACD. She had little knowledge on how to be a companion dog, but after learning how to play, she turned out to be a wonderful, loving dog.

Ano Jr. and Ruby produced a stunning litter of reds and blues in 2014. Subsequently we kept Misha, a beautiful blue with a half-mask. Then we purchased Silver Misty, our only blue speckled girl. She is Ruby's half-sister and I occasionally use her to move our rams. She exhibits self assurance and requires minimal guidance - the rams turn tail and run!

After the sudden, unexpected loss of Ano Jr., my wife decided to keep one more puppy. Little Dillon's Racoon arrived at 8:34 PM on 9/17/19. He was #8 in Mandy's last litter and instantly stole her heart. He is a long-legged Dingo-like red with boundless energy and stamina. We plan to breed him with Misty and Misha.

We love this breed of dog and enjoy watching the pups grow and change as they mature. It's a joy to hear wonderful feedback from those who have purchased our pups as well as seeing pictures they send. Our dogs are bred to produce pups with excellent temperaments, sound bodies, and a natural desire to work. The pups leave our facility well socialized and friendly as they are raised in a home setting with constant attention.

For a little tidbit, the names of our first 3 dogs were: Rocky, Marcie, Ano. For those of you who are familiar with boxing greats, there was a heavyweight champion named Rocky Marciano who lived in Brockton, MA and we used to live behind Marciano Stadium.

Pepper working ducks on the left & Mandy at 4 months working them.(bottom picture)
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This is our  original "family"
Misha's introduction to working sheep at 15 weeks! She can move them already!! (below)
Cattle  Dog's Misha  (on left)and Ano Jr. (her dad) relaxing on a rainy night.
Bandit and his sister born January 2014
Misha starting obedience training.
 Zeke and Ano using the Springer with us- a great exercise tool for active dogs.
Pepper working sheep
Mandy enjoying the snow!
Grizzly, son of Ruby and Dillon after completing puppy school!
Floyd - son of Mandy and Dillon
Lana -daughter of Mandy and Ano Jr..
Raya - daughter of Misha and Dillon.
Zuzu -daughter of Mandy & Ano Jr..
Pepper dtr of Mandy & Dillon